Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains is a rock band originating from the musical movement known as Grunge. Alice In Chains is from the northwest region of Seattle, Washington and where band members met and started playing and writing music together. Other bands that originated from the area at the same time of Alice In Chains are Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

The band sports an all-star cast in grunge with some members unfortunately already passed. The most notable is Layne Staley. Staley has a huge following even now. He was the also the lead singer of Mad Season. Jerry Cantrell is/was in the group, and one of the original members along with Layne.

Studio Albums

  • We Die Young EP (Released 1990)
  • Facelift (Released 1990)
  • Dirt (Released 1992)
  • SAP (EP/Released 1992)
  • Jar Of Flies (EP/Released 1994)
  • Alice In Chains (Self-Titled Released 1995)
  • MTV Unplugged (Released 1996)
  • Nothing Safe: Best of the Box (Released 1999)
  • Music Bank (Released 1999)
  • Live (Released 2000)
  • Greatest Hits (Released 2001)
  • The Essential Alice In Chains (Released 2006)
  • Black Gives Way To Blue (Released 2009)
  • The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (Released 2013)
  • Live Facelift (Released 2016)
  • Rainier Fog (Released 2018)


Band Members (Past & Present)

  • Layne Staley (Singer/Co-Songwriter – Deceased: 1967 to 2002)
  • Jerry Cantrell (Guitar/Vocalist/Co-Songwriter)
  • Mike Starr (Bassist – Deceased: 1966 to 2011)
  • Sean Kinney (Drummer)
  • Mike Inez (Bassist)
  • William DuVall (Vocalist/Guitar)


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