Afroman, or if you call him by his real name, Joseph Edgar Foreman, is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is best known for the hit singles “Because I Got High” and “Crazy Rap” from his 2001 album The Good times.

Afroman’s hit rap song “Because I Got High” was released in 2000 on T-Bone Records. The track gained attention through the controversial website Napster, and was subsequently featured on The Howard Stern Show. The movie then was featured in numerous movies and films.

Afroman also released Christmas rap songs like “A Colt 45 Christmas” and the album Jobe Bells. His style of rap music has been described as comedy rap and comedy hip hop. Afroman began playing drums and guitar in church and writing rap songs as early as the eighth grade.

Studio Albums

  • My Fro-losophy (Released 1998)
  • Because I Got High (Released 2000)
  • Sell Your Dope (Released 2000)
  • The Good Times (Released 2001)
  • Afroholic… The Even Better Times (Released 2004)
  • 4R0:20 (Released 2004)
  • The Hungry Hustlerz: Starvation Is Motivation (Released 2004)
  • Jobe Bells (Released 2004)
  • Drunk ‘n’ High (Released 2006)
  • A Colt 45 Christmas (Released 2006)
  • Waiting to Inhale (Released 2008)
  • Greatest Hits Live (Released 2008)
  • Frobama: Head of State (Released 2009)
  • Afro D-Z-A-C-C (Released 2010)
  • Fro-Jams (Released 2011)
  • Save A Cadillac, Ride A Homeboy (Released 2011)
  • The Prodigal Son (Released 2011)
  • Dope Dealer Ditties (Released 2012)
  • F*** Everybody (Released 2012)
  • Marijuana Music (Released 2012)
  • Pot Head Pimp (Released 2012)
  • Worlds Greatest Wino (Released 2012)
  • The Fro-Rider (Released 2013)
  • Los Angeles Volume 1 (Released 2013)
  • Palmdale Love (Released 2013)
  • Sell Your Dope C-Mix (Released 2013)
  • Cross Country Pimpin (Released 2013)
  • Don’t Sell Your Dope (Released 2013)
  • One Hit Wonder EP (Released 2014)
  • The N Word (Released 2015)
  • Happy To Be Alive (Released 2016)
  • Cold Fro-T-5 And Two Frigg Fraggs (Released 2017)
  • Grow up to be homeboys (Released 2020)



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