AC/DC is a hard rock band from Sydney, Australia, even though the brothers that started the band, Malcolm Young and Angus Young, are Scottish! After the band brought in accomplished front man Bon Scott (also Scottish), they hit the rock scene in the early ’70’s and released their first two albums High Voltage and T.N.T. in 1975. These albums were only released in Australia, with another High Voltage album released internationally the following year, yet with different tracks.

AC/DC released seven albums, including the Australian debut and sophomore work, before tragedy struck; lead singer Bon Scott was found dead with suspected alcohol poisoning and drug overdose in February of 1980, succumbing to asphyxiation from his own vomit while inebriated and unconscious. His death almost ended the group, but they eventually hired Brian Johnson to take over the singing duties, releasing the Back In Black album within the year. AC/DC intended Back In Black to be a tribute to Bon Scott, who was due to start working on the album in studio the very next day of his death. The album was released six months after the passing of Scott, with it eventually becoming the second best selling album ever, only behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The following year brought another album release: For Those About To Rock We Salute You. This became the first #1 album in the U.S. for AC/DC. Since their first album, the Australian release of High Voltage, in 1975, AC/DC has released 18 studio works, with the latest release Power Up in 2020.

Studio Albums

  • High Voltage (Released in 1975)
  • T.N.T. (Released in 1975)
  • High Voltage (Released in 1976)
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Released in 1976)
  • Let There Be Rock (Released in 1977)
  • Powerage (Released in 1978)
  • Highway to Hell (Released in 1979)
  • Back in Black (Released in 1980)
  • For Those About to Rock We Salute You (Released in 1981)
  • Flick of the Switch (Released in 1983)
  • Fly on the Wall (Released in 1985)
  • Blow Up Your Video (Released in 1988)
  • The Razors Edge (Released in 1990)
  • Ballbreaker (Released in 1995)
  • Stiff Upper Lip (Released in 2000)
  • Black Ice (Released in 2008)
  • Rock or Bust (Released in 2014)
  • Power Up (Released in 2020)


Band Members (Past & Present)

  • Angus Young (Lead Guitar)
  • Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar/Back-up Vocals)
  • Bon Scott (Vocals/Deceased)
  • Brian Johnson (Vocals)
  • Phil Rudd (Drums)
  • Cliff Williams (Bass Guitar/Back-up Vocals)
  • Stevie Young (Rhythm Guitar/Back-up Vocals)
  • Mark Evans (Bass Guitar)
  • Simon Wright (Drums)
  • Chris Slade (Drums)
  • Axl Rose (Vocals)


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