A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle is one of the rare rock bands considered a “supergroup”. The band was started by TOOL singer/songwriter Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel. Also in the group are James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins, Matt McJunkins and Jeff Friedl. A Perfect Circle has released four studio albums to date, including their debut Mer de Noms.

The Retro Artists (What We Play)

A Perfect Circle Albums

  • Mer de Noms (Released 2000)
  • Thirteenth Step (Released 2003)
  • eMOTIVe (Released in 2004)
  • Eat the Elephant (Released in 2017)

A Perfect Circle Artwork

A Perfect Circle Band Members (Past & Present)

  • Maynard James Keenan
  • Billy Howerdel
  • James Iha
  • Matt McJunkins
  • Jeff Friedl
  • Paz Lenchantin
  • Troy Van Leeuwen
  • Josh Freese
  • Tim Alexander
  • Danny Lohner
  • Jeordie White

A Perfect Circle Videos

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The Retro Artists

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