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Wanna advertise on TheRetro.Rocks? What a coincidence… We want to advertise your business! Here at The Retro we believe radio has evolved from simple broadcasts and commercials into supporting advertisers and their businesses in multiple ways to maximize their ad investments. Our advertisers enjoy constant marketing through our on-air broadcasting, Twitter, Facebook and other social media engagement, and presence in our YouTube channel. We also feature our advertisers right here on our website! Because the bottom line for advertising is your return on investment. Our clients are reaping the benefits of marketing their company, products and services with a radio station that understands the importance of that ever important ROI! So how can we help you grow your bottom line?

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The Retro Sponsors

  • Tweedle Farms
    Tweedle Farms is a CBD & Hemp farm in Seaside, Oregon. They offer quality CBD in varying forms like gummies, edibles, flower, topicals, tinctures and more. Plus, they can ship to you legally anywhere in the United States! Check out their website for the latest in CBD products, accessories, helpful instructional videos, and of course, CBD! We have tried many forms of CBD and sampled countless suppliers- you won’t find a better CBD source than Tweedle Farms!
  • Garrigus Real Estate
    Are you buying or selling a home? Garrigus Real Estate can make the process easy and get the job done for you! Garrigus Real Estate has experience in traditional home sales, condo and manufactured sales, short sales, foreclosures, land sales, agent referrals, business sales and other types of real estate transactions. Contact Garrigus Real Estate and Make The Move!
    To speak to an agent now call (951) 490-3683 and tell them you found them on The Retro!

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