“A Baby Story” Told By Fil-N-Inny & Lying To Your Kids

Have you ever watched TLC’s “A Baby Story”? If you’ve had children yourself you know TLC’s (The Learning Channel) saccharine assessment of the experience can sometimes grossly exaggerate the bliss of child birth. But real life finds fun and insulting ways to remind us that our parental stories are full of lies! And these lies start a vicious circle as we lie to our kids on a regular basis.

But this Fil-N-Inny Replay is not a cautionary tale. No sir. This “A Baby Story” is so much more than that. Its more truthful. Its more vulgar. Its reveals the emotional damage having children causes the parents. And in turn how we give it right back to these buttholes we claim mean more to us “than life itself”.

Oh, and for all the parents saying right now “I don’t lie to my kids”.


A Baby Story on Fil-N-Inny Replays

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